SVM – Study Volunteer Manager

The Study Volunteer Manager (SVM) is a complete solution for managing families and children who participate in research studies.

How do you currently keep track of lists of volunteers and their important, relevant information?  Spreadsheets?  File folders?  Sticky notes?  How easy and efficient is it to generate a specific list of possible volunteers for a particular study based on the attributes of the volunteers and the parameters of the study?

Designed specifically for developmental psychology departments, in close consultation with the Department of Development Psychology at Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, Canada, the SVM organizes all of this data in a powerful and easy-to-use system.  It makes the building of participant lists a snap.



Study administrators can automatically generate allotments of volunteers based on a variety of different filters including age, gender, language, medical history, and more.  The system can be configured to exclude volunteers who have already participated in the same study or another study in the last 30 days.



The SVM tracks the contact history of each volunteer — contact attempts, whether an attempt was successful — and details of volunteer lab visits. It also keeps track of each volunteer’s visit to the lab, recording the outcome of the visit and any other relevant information.



Please contact us to arrange for a live, online test drive of the SVM.  You will be able to run searches, add/update family/child records, and poke around as much as you like.



SVM can be hosted by us on a secure external web server where it would be accessed by a unique domain name (e.g. Our team would ensure regular database backups under a secure SSL certificate. Alternatively, SVM can be installed on your department’s internal web server and administered by your own IT staff.



Please contact us for pricing options based on your specific requirements.  SVM can be customized to suit your needs.  Custom  installations are also possible.



  • Easy-to-use
  • Web-enabled for flexible access from on and off campus
  • Secure – password protected, with encrypted passwords and SSL protocol
  • Designed to scale on a variety of devices from PCs to tablets to mobile
  • Powerful searching capability across all attributes
  • Ability to save searches for future execution at the click of a button
  • Ability to export data to CSV spreadsheet
  • Set children and families to Interested/Not Interested globally, or for particular studies
  • Highly configurable – maintain your own lists of values for entities such as Studies, Times To Call, Contact Methods, Family Relationships and much more
  • Manage lists of users with role-based access:  Administrator, Data Entry, Read Only
  • Projections – run a projection to see how many eligible volunteers a particular set of filters will generate, before allotting the volunteers
  • Reports – a number of reports to quickly show the success of metrics such as Call Outcomes





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