ResourceOne Banking CRM (C#/Asp.Net)

ResourceOne Banking CRM (C#/Asp.Net)

2001 – 2017

ResourceOne (R1) is a robust, core-integrated, easy-to-use CRM/Sales Force Automation solution that is provided exclusively to community financial institutions.  Beginning in 2001, Morgan Wade designed, developed, and implemented the initial version of the main software application from its very beginning stages through all cycles of its evolution over fifteen years including: maintaining existing software applications, responding to requests from support and QA to investigate bugs and customer incident reports, developing custom client applications.

The initial version of the application ran on a SQL Server backend, with Visual Basic middleware, and Classic ASP front end, passing data back and forth in an XML format to facilitate scalability and separation of the tiers.

Morgan Wade developed and performance tuned most of the 100’s of stored procedures required to run ResourceOne.

He was involved in most aspects of converting the original application to Version 2.0 to a .Net platform, using C#, ASP.Net and a retooled SQL Server database.

He built and maintained seventeen standard pre-built reports available in ResourceOne.  This included creating and tuning all of the various SQL Server stored procedures and functions required to retrieve the data.  Some of these stored procedures became very complicated to accommodate all the various possibilities and permutations of the different parameters submitted to each report.  The reports required configuration screens and the application layer methods that allow the user to specify the parameters of their report and methods for returning that data.  Each report uses Telerik reporting controls that are dynamically built in the C# code behind.

Reports can be run for one employee, for groups of subordinates, for a whole branch, or for the entire organization. Each report has useful grouping options, such as running the Pipeline report with the Loan and Deposit pipelines split out and sub-grouped. You can export report data to CSV, XLS, PDF, Word and other formats for further sorting, filtering, merging, and graphing.

Most recently, he worked on converting the application to the next version, a responsive, mobile-friendly interface using the Sencha ExtJS platform, passing JSON back and forth between the application layers.

Financial institutions that utilize ResourceOne have the ability to leverage analytics to attain data-based insights into their pipeline and immediately take action to achieve measureable improvements to sales pipeline performance.  Integrated to the client’s core and other 3rd-party data platforms, ResourceOne helps all employees of an organization to easily adapt to client expectations, meet sales information and management needs, and provide exceptional service.

ResourceOne has a number of powerful, distinct modules most of which I either designed, developed, and implemented, or was extensively involved in maintaining and updating:

  • Lead and referral tracking
  • Contact and pipeline management
  • Calendar synchronization
  • Next-best product cross-sell recommendations
  • Profitability tracking
  • Service Center case management
  • Up-to-date marketing campaigns
  • Employee incentive, compensation, and goal performance tracking
  • Comprehensive management reports
  • Custom Report Writer


Since its founding in 2001, CoreTrac has worked closely with clients to craft ResourceOne into a CRM solution that satisfies every demand of Banks and Credit Unions.  Over 150 Banks & Credit Unions have benefited from ResourceOne nationwide. These include clients as large as $16 billion in assets, 30 clients with assets greater than $1 billion, and dozens more with assets below $1 billion.

Here is an example of a possible R1 dashboard configuration:

and the Contact Management screen:

Here is the Contact Detail screen:

And the Referral Management Screen:

And the Manager’s Performance Dashboard: